Strategic Plan - Approved by the Board on March 3, 2013

This strategic plan is intended to guide MOARC actions through the year 2020. It is a living document that will be changed periodically to remain relevant. At the heart of the plan are our goals following an END, WAYS, & MEAN format. ENDS define the big things we want to accomplish as an organization. WAYS are the strategies we adopt to achieve our strategic ends. MEANS identifies the resources we have available to execute our strategy. This plan also describes our VISION, MISSION and organizational VALUES to help folks understand what we do and what we stand for as we reach out to them for their involvement and support.

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MOARC Association
PO Box 22647
Kansas City, MO 64113

MOARC promotes the beneficial use of water and land related resources for the Missouri and associated rivers in the areas of    
Agriculture, Environment, Flood Damage Reduction, Navigation, Recreation, Shipping and Ports, Power, Water Quality and Supply.   

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