President to nominate RD James for ASA-CW

12 Oct 2017 2:52 PM | Tom Poer (Administrator)


President Trump has expressed his intent to nominate R.D. James of Missouri to be the Assistant Secretary of the Army, Civil Works (ASA-CW).  R.D. James has a long history with flood protection on the Mississippi River and its tributaries.  Since his appointment by President Regan in 1981 he has served on the influential Mississippi River Commission as one of the three civilian members in one of the two positions required to be filled by an engineer. 

Earlier this year, the Delta Farm Press reported James’ feelings towards being considered for the post. "If chosen, I will serve.  It took me a while to think about whether I even wanted that job or not,” James noted… “I’m a country boy, and I can’t imagine living up there, but, if chosen, I will, and I will do my very best.”

About the ASA-CW Position:

The ASA-CW establishes policy direction and provides supervision of the Department of the Army functions relating to all aspects of the Civil Works program of the Army Corps of Engineers.  Having an ASA-CW in place will help in moving projects and policies through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

What this means for MOARC members

Mr. James is familiar with rivers and what they mean to the many communities in our region located along rivers:  navigation, flood control, water supply, recreation, and more.  Several of our members know Mr. James or have met him together with members of the Commission as they toured the Missouri River.

For more information: White House Press Release 


  • 11 Feb 2018 9:22 PM | Tom Poer (Administrator)
    R.D. James Confirmed as Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works. On 25 Jan 2018, the United States Senate confirmed Missouri native R.D. James, of New Madrid, to serve as the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works (ASA-CW). He was confirmed by a vote of 89 to 1 within the Senate following months of waiting for this important position to be filled.
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